Recirculating Aquaculture System

Advanced technology

Ecomarine’s aqua-engineering relies on disruptive RAS technology (Recirculating Aquaculture System) optimized over the last six years.


  • Water chemistry in close to perfect conditions
  • Minimal discharge to environment
  • Three times more efficient than standard RAS systems
  • No generation of environmental influences in the system(e.g. algae)
Grouper inside tank


Sustainability is a key pillar of our strategy and our belief. This is reflected both in the nature-oriented environment we create for our fish and in the way we protect nature and especially the remaining wild fish stocks.

  • Natural products only (no antibiotics, no hormones)
  • Very low environmental impact
  • Close to no discharge
  • Protection of the oceans
  • Strict quality controls
  • Fish feel safe
Grouper care

Ecomarine combines superior quality with environment-friendly aquaculture.

Andreas Drexler, Owner
Young grouper

End-to-end approach

We believe in high quality. That’s why we don’t accept compromises and will control the entire fish farming process from hatchery to grow-out . In this way we guarantee an unbroken quality chain.